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12 Tips for Driving in Playa del Carmen

    Driving in Quintana Roo and Yucatan in very safe and easy! There is milions of tourists renting cars every year, and at Dream Rentals we are here for you so dont worry!! Here is some tips that can help..

    1 . Beware of the topes (speed bumps), there are everywhere in town and even a few places on the highway.

    2 . The gas stations are all with service so when you go to put gas, be careful. Here is a full article on the subject; 

    How to avoid being tricked into gas stations in Playa del Carmen

    3 . Most streets are one way just be aware.

    4 . Do not park near yellow lines or intersections. There are several pay parking lots well located and the usual cost is only 10 to 20 pesos an hour and it is safe. Also there are now parking meters in downtown Playa del Carmen so be careful. Here is a full article on the subject; 

    Parkings in Playa del Carmen

    5 . Climb for pedestrians, at the elevated sections of the street, you must give priority to people crossing.

    6 . Watch out for bikes and motorcyclists who make their own lanes.

    7 . Taxi and bus drivers are not known to be the best trained and not very courteous. So just be careful. patient and let them pass.

    8 . Traffic lights only turn green one side at a time, so you can turn left when the lights are green. And you can always turn on red lights with precaution.

    9 . If you are driving on 30th Avenue or Juares, you will be on city buses which most use these avenues for their routes. Frequent stops and a little more traffic. And be careful around smooth concrete streets like avenue Constituyentes and 30e Avenue. If there is a little water, the road becomes slippery.

    10 . Most streets are blocked below 10th Avenue and allow taxis or delivery trucks.

    11 . Out of downtown, it can be difficult to decipher if you have to stop at intersections, even if you have no stop, slowdown and look for other drivers. Most of the time the avenues have no stops and the streets (calle) have them, be careful.

    12 . Drive in harmony with the police, here is a full article on this subject;

    How to Drive in Harmony with the Police in Playa del Carmen

    Drive well!