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Stay Connected and Communicate Free even in Playa del Carmen in Mexico…

    First before leaving, ask about the travel packages that you can buy with your cell phone company but I always recommend taking only the minimum or not at all because the only time you may need it will be when you arrive at Cancun airport is one of the few places that does not offer wifi but then the majority of public places in Playa del Carmen offer free wifi, hotels, condos, cafes, restaurants, beach clubs, etc. .. So just ask for the wifi password and you will be connected! Don’t forget to put your cell phone in airplane mode or turn off the cell data so as not to have unwanted charges.

    Today with our cellphone and wifi there are so many possibilities .. There are several applications available to make international calls at no cost. Make sure you have downloaded the following applications; Messenger, Whatsapp and Fongo. As soon as the wifi is connected with Messenger and Whatsapp you can speak to all your contacts easily by text, voice calls and even video calls. Whatsapp is very popular in Mexico because of the cellular plans from here which offer unlimited use then everyone is using Whatsapp, which means that you can even communicate with local people through Whatsapp! Then there is Fongo, it is an application intended to receive and make calls for free. This application allows you to create an account and assigns you a personal number in your region to be able to receive and make calls even if you are on the other side of the world and even if the person with whom you want to communicate has only ‘a land telephone. Fongo gives you a local number for the region you have chosen so it works very well. Do not forget also that from iphone to iphone it is free when you are in wifi there is imessage and facetime available.

    There are also several really affordable internet cafes and they offer computers with internet, printer, photocopies, fax, etc.

    And even if you miss some calls or messages when the wifi is not available (which is very rare), do not forget that you are on vacation 

    For more info you can contact me, it will be my pleasure to help you!