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Xcaret – Xplor – XelHa – Xenses – Xoximilco – Xavage

    Xcaret is all about Mexican culture and the natural environment of the Rivera Maya. It may sound boring, but really not! There are little shows in the park all day and a big two hour show at the end of the day which is spectacular. There are three underground rivers that you can swim in and discover something new every turn, great park design with tunnels, caves, a river boat, hacienda and Mayan village. There are also lots of animals to see like the new aviary of birds, jaguars, aquarium, monkeys, dolphins, tapirs and more!

    Xplor is more for the adrenaline junkie. You can do two zipline routes, drive side by side in the jungle, swim in an underground river with a kayak through the caves. It is good for families with older children and for those who enjoy an active day. There is also the evening, Xplor fuego “fire” open until 11pm with torches of fire everywhere, which makes the park even more mysterious and interesting!

    Xel-Ha is all about water. This is a natural water park, a large area where groundwater flows into the ocean. In this bay you can swim, dive and float on rafts. You can see many tropical fish and participate in zip lines in the water, rope climbs and jumps from the top of a cliff. And now with a water slide tower over 98 feet tall !! You can also relax in a hammock or chair and enjoy the beauty of the site!

    Xenses is all about the senses. A very original park with a boulevard completely upside down, a mud canal, a path in total darkness to feel and touch many different ecosystems, and more .. Come and test your mind and your senses by sliding , flying and immersing yourself. Have fun with more than 15 activities with fantastic landscapes that you will discover on land, water and in the air. Rediscover a world with new sensations and return to childhood!

    Xoximilco  is a wonderful option for making new friends, dancing and singing on a Mexican gondola with traditional music played live by mariachi bands. Taste Mexican gastronomy accompanied by tequila and live the night life of the Riviera Maya in Mexican style!

    Xavage  the new park for extreme sensations. Challenge all your limits, the only park in the Riviera Maya offering the most daring activities in the air, on land and on water. Unleash the wilderness and face the power of water, cross roads full of obstacles and conquer the heights. Live this adrenaline-filled challenge and follow your gut. Are you soft, hard, extreme or ultimate!

    For more information or to book, you can contact me and I will be happy to help you!