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Top Beach Club / Restaurant in Playa del Carmen

    You are looking for a beautiful place to have your feet in the sand, a cocktail in hand, a good choice of meals, good atmosphere and enjoy the sun ..

    Here are the favorite beach clubs of Playa del Carmen in order of location from North to South, the whole beach from calle 46 to calle 2;


    Mandarino beach club is a new beach club open since summer 2019.

    Located at the end of the CTM and the beach.


    Encanto beach is at the north end of Playa del Carmen. It attracts those who are looking for a lounge-like environment, not crowds of people. Most come to relax and eat. The food is very good.

    Encanto beach is located at the end of calle 40 and the beach.


    Martina Beach is at the north end of Playa, there is a little more space and less crowds if you are looking for something a little quieter at the beach but they also organize big events sometimes such as the Arena festival. Otherwise the atmosphere is relaxed with deep house music, funk and chill music.

    Martina is located at the end of calle 46 (CTM) and the beach. When you reach the end of CTM it is on your right on the beach.


    Mamita’s is the most popular beach club in Playa del Carmen. It is in the middle of Playa in a trendy area only 2 blocks from 5th Avenue. If you want to be in the action then this is your place. This beach has been listed as the best beach in Playa del Carmen. Now with a VIP lounge, large swimming pool and large space for outdoor stages hosting several concerts and music festivals, Mamita’s is the benchmark in Playa del Carmen.

    Mamita’s is located at the end of calle 28 and the beach. When you arrive on the beach, it is on your left. There is also paid parking available.


    The Kool Beach has been open since 1995, it is a very pleasant beach club. It is a place where you can enjoy the beautiful sea view, the swimming pool and relax on a lounge chair while the music is playing. They also have a restaurant.

    The Kool Beach is located at the end of calle 28 and the beach. When you arrive on the beach, it is on your right.


    Coralina Daylight Club is a little different from the other beach clubs in Playa del Carmen. It is considered a “day club” especially on weekends. Coralina takes notes in places like Ibiza and Las Vegas, where they start their games earlier with a dj and a bar atmosphere but while enjoying the sun. People like to go there to have a good time during the day, it’s kind of a new concept for Playa del Carmen. For a while the younger ones have enjoyed the Mamita’s Beach Club thanks to its music and it is a place to see and be seen. Now Coralina has raised the game and created a beach club that is less in the sand and closer to the pool.

    Coralina is located on the Grand Hyatt property in the north corner. To access the club, you can walk to the end of calle 26 where there is an entrance to the club. You can also walk by the beach. Enter via calle 28 and walk to the right about a corner. You will see the red umbrellas.


    Lido is a welcoming little beach club with comfortable beds, affordable food and cocktails. The friendly staff will make you feel important. With its swings at the bar and a relaxed atmosphere, Lido is a good place to enjoy the sun with family or friends.

    The entrance to the Lido is located between calle 12 and 10 and the beach.


    Zenzi beach club is a nice place for a small dinner while enjoying the beach. Zenzi is also open in the evening and there is live music and salsa dancing on the beach. A good place to have a drink before or after dinner.

    Zenzi is located at the end of calle 10 and the beach.


    Keel is part of The Carmen hotel, it is a unique little beach club with a warm atmosphere with a restaurant that serves very high quality food. Keel has a beautiful ocean view, there are beach chairs, as well as sofa beds and umbrellas available. There is always music to set the mood for the afternoon. You will not be disappointed!

    Keel is located at the end of the 8 and the beach.


    Fusion Beach Bar formerly known as The Fusion Hotel. The hotel is no longer, but they are determined to preserve the same vibrations that have made them one of the most popular places on Playa del Carmen beach. Every day, from morning to evening, they offer a beach concept with food, drinks, massage, lounge chairs, stand up paddle, surfing and of course every day at 6 p.m., live music concerts and fire show around 11 p.m. Right across from our beloved Caribbean Sea.

    Fusion is located at the end of calle 6 and the beach.


    Inti is a beach club with an alternative concept. Formerly known as the Inti Holistic Center which focused more on yoga and a healthy lifestyle. It is now transforming into a more open place like a beach club. The name has changed to Inti Beach and is a bit more private than other beach clubs along Playa del Carmen. There are lounge chairs on the beach and the interior has terraced levels with sofas. Palm trees dot the property and provide shade in the covered areas as well as in bad weather. Come and enjoy excellent food, energy drinks, certified therapists and fun activities like paddle boarding and yoga.

    Inti is located on the beach between calle 6 and 4.

    Senor Frog’s

    Senor Frogs is one of the typical places in Mexico that is quite entertaining. There is always fun music and the staff are well trained to make sure you have a fun time. They are open every day, you can come during the day to the beach and to the restaurant-bar in the evening.

    Senor Frogs is located just before the Cozumel Ferry on the beach on the right.

    For more info you can contact me, it will be my pleasure to help you!